Camp NaNoWriMo - April 2018

Welcome to Camp NaNoWriMo, April 2018, whether you are a fellow participant or just interested in my project - my current novel-in-progress, Sanctuary-on-Severn! Below, you will find entry-style updates throughout this month-long challenge so that you can keep up with my progress. 

Day 1 

April 1st, 00:18

First day of Camp and all the participants are excited! After choosing our virtual bunk beds - arguing over who gets to sleep on the top or the bottom cot - unpacking our backpacks, and roasting inspirational marshmallows over the fires of comraderie, we were ready to start writing. Although we have had to fit Camp around work and life, pens and keyboards have been working whenever possible to finish the first day of Camp with an impressive start in our notebooks.

Today, I have managed to write 630 words. An admirable start and one that I hope to improve upon tomorrow! For now, camp songs are drifting into my cabin from outside and my muse demands some well-deserved rest.



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Day 11

April 11th, 09:21

I won't lie to you, reader, I have been ill for these past few week and even had to brave on of my biggest fears yesterday to have my first blood test in over a decade! Because of this I have been unable to write as much as I would like to have written by this point in the Camp NaNoWriMo challenge this month. Hopefully my blood test results will show nothing serious and I will get better soon. Here's to hoping!

I won't be giving up on the challenge of Camp NaNoWriMo quite so quickly however and will therefore continue to write inbetween feeling ill. The show, or in this case the novel, will go on ....

Day 19

April 19th, 12:57 

11 days before the end of this month's Camp NaNoWriMo challenge and I have already completed my main objective: finish writing the first draft of my current novel-in-progress, Sanctuary-on-Severn! 

I still have a number of smaller projects I would like to work on, as well as preparations for the next stage in my novel's life: the editing process.