Sanctuary on Severn - Characters!


Maven is a 15 year old handmaiden to the daughter of Lord Hyde of Denchworth. She is a stubborn but caring young woman with a desire to learn and survive within the new world she is faced with after the Black Death plague caused an apocalypse that ruined her country.

Most importantly, she is the main character (or protagonist) of my novel, Sanctuary-on-Severn! 

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Dulcina is the 15 year old daughter of Lord Hyde of Denchworth. She is stubborn, spoilt, has a quick temper, and is more interested in parties, music, and finding a husband than she is contributing to the lives around her. The journey she undertakes in the novel will test her and the way she is used to living in sudden and often dangerous ways.

Finally, she is the second most important character of my novel, Sanctuary-on-Severn! 


© 2018 by Ellz