Once More - Creatures & Lore!


© 2018 by Cecilia Bryant


Dark water spirits that appear in horse-like form. Their manes and tails are always lank, wet, and matted and their fur can be observed in many different varieties of black, green, grey or brown in colour. Their tongues are usually green mottled with black, their hooves are made of stone and their hide feels cold and clammy to the touch. They live in underwater caves deep within sizeable bodies of water - such as deep rivers or lakes etc. - where they tend to rest and also drag their victims. 

They will often prey on children, since young people are weaker and slower, but will feast on adults too. If their victim does not drown on the way to the cave then the kelpie will incapacitate the victim, if it doesn't eat them straight away, so that they may eat them whenever they desire. 

Kelpies need oxygen to breathe but can hold their breathe for up to 12 hours underwater. The only time these beings are truly vulnerable is when they are asleep or going through the digestive process that occurs after they have eaten - this process lasts about half an hour which is why they prefer to devour their prey within the safety of their caves.

They can be killed by the poison from a hundred puncupine quills but can also be hurt by the mere touch of pure silver. These terrifying and resilient creatures are solitary and are born solely as a product of the tormented, cursed, or wronged souls of fallen horses. They are never truly foals to begin with but at full maturity these beings can be as strong as 10 grown horses and have the stamina to match 50 such horses.

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