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Just My Two Pennies Worth

In light of Mental Health Awareness week last week (14th - 20th May) I wanted to share some advice that I came across, not too long before I created this website, which really helped me at a time when I needed it but wasn't exactly looking for it - serendipity strikes again!

The advice came in the form of a quote from the author, editor, teacher, advisor, and publisher David B. Schlosser:

'The only writer to whom you should compare yourself is the writer you were yesterday.'

I think one of the most beautiful things about this quote is that it can be applied to anyone and any aspect of a person's life; it doesn't just have to relate to writers. No matter how life might try to make you feel bad or low - you might see someone who you believe is better looking than you, or more successful for you in an area you want to achieve in, or seems to be more intelligent or have more knowledge than you do about a specific topic, or gets the promotion you have wanted for so long, or you might see someone sell a piece of their art while you are stuck in a creative rut - you could adapt this quote to fit any of your needs. For example:

The only mother to whom you should compare yourself is the mother you were yesterday

The only artist to whom you should compare yourself is the artist you were yesterday

The only coworker/manager/assistant to whom you should compare yourself is the coworker/manager/assistant you were yesterday

The only person (or human) to whom you should compare yourself is the person (or human) you were yesterday

This might just be the opinion of one person but I believe that this comparison is the only one that should be considered by anyone who is having doubts about themselves, are facing doubts from others, or are experiencing/have experienced the phenomenon of Imposter Syndrome. After all, why waste time comparing yourself to Picasso, Sir Alan Sugar, Nelson Mandela, or any of the modern iconic celebrities that the media adore when it is so much easier (and less stressful) to only compare yourself to who you were the day before? To think: how can I be better today than I was yesterday? instead of: how can I be more like [insert name here]?

When all is said and done, you are YOU, and that's not a bad thing; in fact, its a great thing so celebrate it and if you want to improve on yesterday then go ahead - just remember that its still also okay to have a bad or a low day, we all have doubts and fears, all that matters is that you look after yourself first.

I hope this advice helps you as much as it has helped me!


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