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B is for Big, Bold, and Beautiful Writing

Hello, there! Today's post focuses on the letter B in the second part of the alphabet definitions. I created a compilation of words beginning with the letter B that I hope you'll find informative.

Backlist - Books published before the present year, but still in print [unable to trace original source]

Ballad - [part of] poetry's oral and storytelling traditions and would originally have been sung [...] rhythmic qualities of the ballad are the result of its metre [...] Other characteristic features of the form include a strong narrative line and the presentation of accessible, 'everyday' language

Bathos - text that abruptly turns from serious and poetic, to regular and silly

Beat - a discrete unit of storyteling [...] Some writers use the words 'pause', 'slight pause' and 'silence' to generate similar effects

Bibliography - list of books on a subject; list of sources used in a book

Bionote - also known as a 'bio'. A short 2 or 3 sentence description of the author written in the 3rd person, usually to accompany an article [unable to trace original source]

Blurb - writing on the back cover [of a book] that explains what a prospective buyer can expect from a book. It may summarise the content or hint at plot [...] exists primarily to sell the book

Boilerplate - a standard publishing contract, with no charge made by the author or agent - is a starting point only, and later changes are usually made [unable to trace original source]

Book Review - a summary of a book, including its critique [unable to trace original source]

Bookseller - a retailer, high-street or on-line, where books can be bought directly by the customer [...] buy their stock from publishers and make their profits from copies sold

Byline - the author's name appearing with his/her published work [unable to trace original source]

*All definitions taken from Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus (2005 edition), from Key Concepts in Creative Writing by Matt Morrison (2010 edition), or from the website: https://literaryterms.net/glossary-of-literary-terms/ unless stated otherwise*

Join me next week when I'll be talking about narrative forms - What is a narrative form? What types of narrative form are there? - see you then!

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