Sanctuary on Severn

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© 2016 by Dan Morris

The year is 1351, a year after the Black Death plague had released its grip on England. A handmaiden and the lady she works for must now travel across the dangerous and torn country to find their missing families.

Sanctuary-on-Severn is a post-apocalyptic, alternative historical story set in Medieval England, 1351, at the end of the Black Death plague. It follows the journey of a handmaiden and the daughter of a Lord as they travel to the nearest safe haven. The two girls, aged only a few months apart, must struggle with their dislike for each other in order to survive the journey on their own.

This work-in-progress initially started off as the dissertation for my Undergraduate degree in 2016 and then continued into my Masters dissertation in 2017. Although this story is alternative historical fiction by genre, my aim is to keep its details and descriptions as historically accurate as possible

You can keep up-to-date with the progress of Sanctuary-on-Severn via the word count meter (on the left-hand side) as well as through my social media. I am aiming to have a complete edited draft by the end of 2020!