Short Stories


Burking - published by the journal, The Ghastling (Issue 4, September 2016)


Set during 18th century London, a man who has lost his job to the industrial revolution becomes involved in the last known crime of the London Burkers, named for their likeness to the infamous Burke and Hare.​


By the Docks - published by the journal, Historical Feathers -no longer accessible - (Issue 1, November 2017)

Set in London in 1848, a young woman runs from an arranged marriage negotiation and into a murder on the docks. 

Consumption - published by the journal, Historical Feathers - no longer accessible - (Issue 2, December 2017)

Set in London in 1832, a man is diagnosed with tuberculosis (which, at the time, had a high mortality rate) and is therefore forced to make a difficult decision that will determine the future of his family.

Under London, 1862 - published by the journal, Historical Feathers (Issue 3, January 2018)

Set in London during the construction of Bazalgette's Sewage System, a team of labourers become trapped during a cave in.  

Missing - appeared on the showcase page for the journal, Historical Feathers - no longer accessible (August 2017 - March 2018) 

Set in England towards the end of World War II, this story focuses on my Great Nan (who sadly passed away in 2016) during her occupation as a W.A.A.F nurse while her newly-wed husband was fighting in Germany as a light tank soldier.