Welcome To My Life!

Born - in Oxfordshire, January 1994
5 to 6 years old - gained a love for reading (being able to read words myself) and writing through school. It was around this time that I knew I wanted to be a writer/author when I grew up. Love for writing at this time was expressed through rewriting (or writing word-for-word) some of my favourite stories ... although I wasn't always very good at it! 
One day in class, we had to copy down a paragraph of text from Little Red Riding Hood and my first mistake was writing every letter 'i' as a little one - e.g. i am Red Riding Hood. i am going to visit my grandmother - so my teacher gently told me that I need to write all the stand alone 'i's as capital letters. I completely misunderstood this and rewrote the paragraph with all capital letter 'i's - such as: I am Red RIdIng Hood. I am going to vIsIt my grandmother - to which I can remember my teacher face-palming herself!
11 years old - despite moving to a new home within Buckinghamshire (about 1.5 hours from my primary school), I continued to excel in the subject of English (as well as some of the others) in my first year at secondary school
13 to 16 years old - continued to write stories for English as homework and assignments and also at home for myself, again, mostly in notebooks but also on my own computer.
I ended up using the family computer to write my own stories so much that my mother got frustrated with never being able to use the computer herself for work or to help my younger sisters with their homework. So, I was bought a slimmer, black, second hand computer that was not hooked up to the internet (which helped with productivity for sure) but did sit upstairs in my bedroom so I could type up my stories as much as I wanted to. I will always be grateful for that!
18 years old - in 2013 I started University (Gloucestershire) to study Creative Writing at a degree level. I remember being so excited and as though I was on the right track in life and towards my goal of becoming a published author
20 years old - in 2015 I had my first publication (external to University) when my poem 'Nature's Station' was accepted by The Dawntreader journal. I had another poem published later on that year by an online magazine (or ezine) and I joined a writing group local to the town I was living in at the time
22 years old - in 2017 I had a further 7 publications (4 poems, 2 short stories, and 1 essay), I was a contributor to the Mental Health Awareness creative display (with a couple of poems) that year at my University, and I graduated from my Masters degree with a 2:1 (grade).
After looking at the option of a PhD qualification in Creative Writing, I decided that it was not a direction I wanted, or was able to financially, follow at that point in time. I might, and hope to, continue my education in the future though whether that is a PhD in Creative Writing or a qualification in a different topic entirely (I still have a keen interest in English Literature, English Language, and History) remains to be seen
2 to 3 years old - first developed a love of books from my mother reading to me at least once during the day and also at bedtime
7 to 10 years old - fell in love with English as a subject in primary school (Buckinghamshire) as well as with history which would influence some of my writing in the future. Also developed a fascination (almost obsession) with the fantasy genre of stories. Began creating my own stories mostly in notebooks but also sometimes on my family's computer (back when they were a big white block).
My best friend and I had a major obsession with Harry Potter during this time (published 1997 to 2007) - we even hoped to get our own Hogwarts letter when we turned 11 and then nearly cried when they never showed - would sometimes write what is now dubbed 'fanfiction' about the Harry Potter universe, including news reports/articles for the Daily Prophet!
12 years old - One of the proudest moments of my literary life, in 2008 I was chosen by my school (along with one other student) to represent them at the local area's Luffield Festival!
The Luffield Festival was an event between a few secondary schools, mine included, to show off their best students within the Art, Drama, Music, Dance, and English departments. Two students for each of these subjects were chosen by their schools then sent to the hosting school for three days - like a non-life-threatening, mundane version of the Triwizard Tournament from the Goblet of Fire by J.K.Rowling. There was usually a theme that the students had to work with and at the end of the school day on the last day of the event the result of each groups' work would be presented to a large audience of parents, teachers and students from all the participating schools - extremely daunting! I was chosen as one of the students to represent my school for the English section of the Festival 
16 to 18 years old - during this time I attended Sixth Form then College delving into English Language, English Literature, Communication & Culture, Film Studies, and more, as A Level qualifications
19 years old - in 2014 I had my first publication (internal to University) when my poem 'Snug' was accepted into the Creative Writing journal set up by some of my peers
21 years old - in 2016 I had my first short story, titled 'Burking', published by The Ghastling journal. I also had a further 8 poems published by various other journals and ezines. Later in the year I graduated from my Undergraduate degree with a 1st (grade) before starting my Masters degree (also in Creative Writing). In November of that year, I was a guest on the Corinium Radio's Writing Room Programme on which I read my story 'Missing' and talked about my university degrees and experience
23 years old - in 2018 I had another 3 poems published. Unfortunately, the writing group I had joined moved out of their usual meeting place to another town and I was unable to continue to be an active member. I also finished writing the complete first draft of my novel, 'Sanctuary-on-Severn', in the April of that year! 

The story doesn't end here ... 

More events to come!

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